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Yuhan Su 

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 ‘Like the best fiction, it’s entirely enveloping’ - Downbeat


In many ways, Yuhan Su represents the voice of the new generation of jazz musicians. Though she is firmly rooted in jazz tradition, her music is innovative, emotional, cerebral and most importantly, always lyrical. Her compositions and improvisations are uniquely hers, marked with an amalgamation of complexity, intensity and emotional resonance. And though she is capable of blistering technique, she always maintains a sense of melodic lyricism and wonder in her playing. 

Recent recipient for the 2017 DownBeatCritics Poll in the category “Rising Star” of Vibraphone, New York based Taiwanese vibraphonist Yuhan Su has been living in the US since moving to Boston in 2008 to study at Berklee. Afterwards, she has performed around the world and joined acclaimed saxophonist Greg Osby's label, Inner Circle Music. 

Su's debut release as leader, Flying Alone (Inner Circle Music, 2013), has been released to widespread approval. In the April edition of DownBeat, Brad Farberman wrote of Su's "intelligence, sensitivity and a haunting sense of tenderness." Flying Alone has received numerous music awards and nominations, including ‘Best Jazz Album of the Year’, ‘Best New Artist’, ’ Best Jazz Single’ from the 2013 Golden Indie Music Award and ‘Best Performance Album of the year’, ’Best Composer Award’ from 2013 Golden Melody Award in Taiwan, and “Best Release of 2013” by All about Jazz. 

In 2015, Yuhan released her second album A Room of One’s Own featuring her jazz quintet. DownBeat described it as “Like the best fiction, it’s entirely enveloping’ (Brian Zimmerman). The album has also won numerous international music awards including ‘Best Jazz Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Instrumentalist Award’ from Golden Indie Music Award.


Intelligence, sensitivity and a haunting sense of tenderness. - DownBeat

Intensely impressionistic work that captivates with its creative energy.

– All about Jazz

A bright new talent who has the potential to become one of the leading vibraphone voices in modern jazz. -- IAN PATTERSON

The foundation of a brilliant career that will rank with the likes of Walt Dicker- son and Bobby Hutcherson. - HRAYR ATTARIAN

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Recording new album in studio


Happy to share with you that Yuhan Su Quintet has recorded Yuhan’s 3rd album City Animals at Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY. This record includes 10 original compositions of Yuhan, featuring Matt Holman on Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Alex LoRe on Alto Saxophone, Petros Klampanis on Bass and Nathan Ellman-Bell on drums. We had a blast bringing this music to life and am planning on the release of the record in Fall 2018.




Announcing 2017 Winter Asia Tour


November 23 Apple Jump (Tokyo) 

November 24 Valentine Drive (Nagoya)

November 25 Born Free (Kobe)

w/ Ikuto Shimizu. Masaki Kai. Ryo Noritake


November 29 & 30 《禾.日.水.巷》多媒體跨界音樂會香港週 w/ Teriver Cheung & Co. 誠品生活松菸店 誠品表演廳

December 1 高雄美術館  w/謝明諺. 徐崇育             

December 2 臺中Jazzhead w/謝明諺. 徐崇育      

December 7 Rhythm Alley w/ 曾增譯. Andrew Salim

December 8 & 9 高雄Marsalis w/謝明諺. 徐崇育

December 10 台南響響 w/謝明諺. 徐崇育

December 12 Cafe Rossiya w/蔡雯慧

December 13 Rhythm Alley w/ 曾增譯


Yuhan Su Quartet in China

China Debut at Blue Note, Beijing will feature some of the best jazz musicians in the scene. Looking forward to the brand new experience. 


Yuhan Su Quintet in NYC

Yuhan Su Quintet returns to Cornelia Street Cafe before Yuhan headed to winter Asia Tour. Come by to listen to the new compositions of hers featuring a stellar line-up.

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Yuhan SU quintet Spain tour

Yuhan Su Quintet's 3rd round of Spain Tour starts next week featuring Marcel-li Bayer on Saxophone, Marta Sanchez on piano, Juan Pablo Balcazar on bass and Ramon Prats on drums. This tour is also sponsored by Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipei en España and Yuhan will be performing for 2017 Made In Taiwan Festival in Madrid, Spain. 


Interview on Masters of the vibes

It was a tremendous honor to share some my love towards vibraphone with the great vibraphonist/writer Anthony Smith along with all my heroes who created the history of vibes. The book has been released few months ago and you should definitely check it out! 

More about the book - Masters of the Vibes is a celebration of the vibraphone and the artists who play it on the highest level. Musician/author Anthony Smith leads readers on an entertaining, informative journey through the history of this beautiful sounding, but sometimes overlooked, instrument through stimulating conversations with a wide variety of vibes players... from icons and legends to rising stars and promising newcomers. The result is a book filled with wisdom, humor, detailed musical knowledge and refreshing insights into not only the artistic process, but also the human condition itself. Smith and his passionate, mallet-playing colleagues have created an invaluable document -- a must-read for vibes lovers, students, professionals and anyone interested in exploring the rich lives and careers of great artists.






March 25th    Miho Hazama's m_unit    Dizzy's club coca-cola, New York

April 8th   Duo with Miho Hazama at Jazz Vespers    Saint peter's church, New York

April 28th   Center City Jazz Festival    Philadelphia 

April 29th  Kyle Saulnier's Awakening Orchestra   St. John's Church, New York

May 9th 9:30pm Yuhan Su Quintet  Cornelia Street Cafe, New York

July 18th 9:30pm Yuhan Su Quartet ft. Ralph Alessi, Tom DiCarlo, Mark Ferber at Cornelia Street Cafe

August 11th 8pm Yuhan Su Quartet at the Cell ft. Glenn Zaleski, Marty Kenney, E.J. Strickland

August 16th 7:30pm Brian Krock Big Heart Machine CD Release at the Jazz Gallery

August 22nd 9pm Yuhan Su Quintet at Nest Session (Bluebird, Brooklyn)

August 30th 8:15pm Kyle Saulnier's Awakening Orchestra at ShapeShifter Lab 

September 14th Brian Krock Big Heart Machine at Nublu



July 12  Yuhan Su Quintet   Cornelia Street Cafe, New York

Aug 7  Brian Krock’s Big Heart Machine   ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn

Aug 14   Brian Krock’s Big Heart Machine   Sir D’s Lounge, Brooklyn

August 23  Simona Premazzi Quintet   Fat Cat, New York

Sep 2  Yuhan Su Quintet   Cornelia Street Cafe, New York

Oct 20  Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar  Valencia, Spain

Oct 21  Sunset Jazz Club  Girona, Spain

Oct 22  Ultrasons  l’Alcora, Spain

Oct 24  Refugio Jazz Club  Alacant, Spain

Oct 25  Bogui  Madrid, Spain

Oct 26  Circulo de Bellas Artes  Madrid, Spain

Oct 27  Jamboree Jazz Club  Barcelona, Spain

Oct 7  Yuhan Su Quintet   Cornelia Street Cafe, New York

Nov 8   Yuhan Su Quintet   Cornelia Street Cafe, New York

Nov 9   Miho Hazama M_Unit   The Cell, New York

Nov 18   Duoable Things   Brooklyn Classical Series, New York

Nov 23 Apple Jump  Tokyo, Japan 

Nov 24 Valentine Drive  Nagoya, Japan

Nov 25 Born Free  Kobe, Japan

Nov 29 & 30 《禾.日.水.巷》多媒體跨界音樂會  誠品表演廳 Taipei, Taiwan

Dec 1  高雄美術館   Kaohsiung, Taiwan           

Dec 2  臺中Jazzhead   Taichung, Taiwan     

Dec 7 Rhythm Alley   Taipei, Taiwan

Dec 8 & 9 高雄Marsalis   Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Dec 10 台南響響   Tainan, Taiwan

Dec 12 Cafe Rossiya   Taipei, Taiwan

Dec 13 Rhythm Alley  Taipei, Taiwan

Dec 21  Blue Note  Beijing, China

   Yuhan Su Quintet      featuring Yuhan Su on Vibraphone, Matt Holman on Trumpet, Alex LoRe on Saxophone, Petros Klampanis on Bass and Nathan Ellman-Bell on Drums

Yuhan Su Quintet

featuring Yuhan Su on Vibraphone, Matt Holman on Trumpet, Alex LoRe on Saxophone, Petros Klampanis on Bass and Nathan Ellman-Bell on Drums




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